Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!  I know, I's not Christmas or Thanksgiving or even Easter (although that one is coming up soon).  But, if you are my Facebook friend, you know by now that there is a holiday for every day of the year.  What you may not know, is how I, MaryEllen Miller, became the Queen of the Daily Holiday.

It all started with Dave Barry, syndicated humor columnist for the Miami Herald.  My friend, Dave (ok, I don't really know him, but if I did, we'd be friends, I'm sure of it), wrote a column in 2002 about Talk Like a Pirate Day.  My son, Chris, and I saw the column and had a big laugh about it.  We talked like pirates ourselves for a little while.  We would even bring up Talk Like a Pirate Day every now and again.

In September of 2007, after I'd been working at The Sparks Agency for about six months, I mentioned to Sparky, "tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day."  And, he knew what I was talking about!  (Which, of course, further cemented the fact that I was destined to work for him.)  So, we left work that day, and showed up the next day - BOTH dressed like pirates!  We didn't talk about it before.  We didn't even suggest that dressing up might be fun.  Nope.  We just surprised each other.  Boy, did we feel like comic geniuses, too!

While all dressed up, and using our best pirate vocabulary and scallywag accents, we figured that if today is a holiday, then tomorrow might be a holiday, too.  And, there just might be a holiday for every day of the year.  Sure enough, there is!

It became my mission, right then and there, to research the very depths of holiday-dom to find each and every holiday for each and every day of the year.  It was (and still is) hard work, but it's my life's work.  I consider it to be one of my greatest contributions to society.  Therefore, I try to start every day using Facebook for good (and not evil) and wishing a Happy <insert holiday here> Day to the masses.  No, I will not tell you where I get all the holidays.  You'll just have to rely on me to be your resource.  

Some holidays are commonly known to the General Public (New Year's Day, President's Day, Labor Day).  Other holidays are good for mankind (Random Acts of Kindness Day, National Hugging Day, National Common Courtesy Day).  Many are kind of weird (National Chicken Boy Day, Slugs Return from Capistrano Day, International Sword Swallowers Day).  There are some that remind me of my friends (Lips Appreciation Day - Kathryn Nordstrom, World Nutella Day - Michael Bloomberg, International Day of Awesomeness - Gina Berry).  For the most part though, they're just fun (Buzzard Day, National Sea Monkey Day, Lost Sock Memorial Day).  Whatever they are, I'm sharing them with you.  

I, personally, do a happy dance when my dryer dries the clothes on the first cycle, but there are plenty of people in this world who need a real reason to celebrate something.  If you, or someone you know, suffers from "Stick in the Mud Syndrome," there still could be hope.  Just check back with me for today's holiday.  You, or someone you know, could just be waiting for National Chicken Dance Day to get that stick out of the...ummm...mud, and celebrate!

Much love and many blessings to you,

Psalm 47:1

My favorite, favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, followed closely by International Goof-off Day.  What's yours?


  1. You post a daily holiday and I post a daily sign. We were destined to be friends!

  2. I am very happy to see that my name did not follow "Buzzard Day"! EW

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  4. I woke up this morning thinking about you. As soon as I got my love off to work I crawled back in bed and logged into your blog. That's fun to say by the way. is that!!! Of course, I read your blog entry about Uncle Robbie yesterday, which is beyond beautiful. As you know (because I called you in a bawling fit) it made my eyes leak. I have read other entries here and there as well but have somehow missed several. I don't really know how to "follow" a blog, which makes me feel so unhip to admit but because I want to learn, I have to. You have to explain it to me so I can stay up to date. This morning I started out randomly reading entries then decided to start from the beginning and go in order. I have laughed, cried, smiled, giggled just a little more and thought hmmm. As I came across my name in association with International Day of Awesomeness, of course, I smiled. I smiled because I am Awesome and yes with a capital A! Then I smiled again because you taught/showed me how to be! I just wanted to tell you how Awesome I think you are and how very much I appreciate that you have always been such a great example of awesome for me to follow!
    Love you much and miss you even more,
    Your Awesome Sista